Terms and condition & privacy Policy

What is Chpr media

We are an Indian-based company, Chprmedia provides services for small Bussiness, Startups, and Development companies ( B2B ) (hereinafter “Chpr” or “We/Us/Our”). We provide our services via our website www.chprmedia.com, our official announcement social media Twitter (https://twitter.com/chprmedia), and other platforms which may be added or removed at any time. You can also reach at info@chprmedia.com.

Agree our the terms and policy

All visitors (hereinafter, “User(s)”, “You” or “Your” ) By using our platforms, purchasing our products (physical/digital), or subscribing to our services, You accept these Terms & Conditions and Policy agree to comply with all of its provisions. If You do not wish to accept these Terms & Conditions and Policy, "Do not use our platforms, purchase our products or subscribe to our services." The terms and conditions of this site may change periodically at any time so be updated by reviewing the terms and conditions of websites continuously.

Subscription and refund

We provide services in downloadable digital products. Under the agreement, We provide services to User(s)”, “You” or “Your” monthly basics, any package subscription valid for one month only. Our monthly packages that are sold and distributed in a digital format are non-refundable, including any subscriptions for a series of monthly packages in any services. We use third-party vendors to process payments for our products or services. These vendors are currently Razorpay. Visit the vendor website and view these vendors' privacy policies and terms and conditions. Our privacy policy applies only to data over which we have control. We reserve the right to change the price of our Products or packages at any time. Please check with our website or price package page for the latest pricing.

Conduct of user(s)
  • 1. Should maintain the accuracy of the information and should continuously update the necessary payment, contact process.
  • 2.You will not violate or encourage the violation of any local, state, national, or international law or regulation.
  • 3. Should not use this site for illegal purposes.
  • 4. Should not assist any third party in engaging in any prohibited conduct.
  • 5. Should not use our name for own business or promotion.
  • 6. Should not damage our platform by submission or by use of any damaging content or by any action.
  • 7. Should not access the site in an unauthorized non-human or way such as using bot, scripts.
  • 8. Should not give wrong and fake information to the organization or company.
  • 9. Users should make sure by agreeing that our platform is only used for a lawful purpose under terms and conditions.
Your uploaded content

You agree that any content submitted by you at any time to or through any of our platforms or mail or any other communication becomes our sole and exclusive property. Any content such as text, document, videos, images, files, pdf submitted by you on our server, website, mail, or any other communication, then the responsibility of that content is wholly owned by a user. User is 100% liable for all the materials, content, and design which is transferred to us while working with requested projects or design. By posting "User" or" client "content or by submitting through email, it grants us permission license to use it. Content posted without permission and wouldn't allow it then direct connect with us through email. The content which breaks actively terms of another's intellectual property rights will be deleted from the website.

Third-Party Websites and Content

Our website containing the affiliate links is not reviewed nor approved any other links by us which are available on the internet web. Chprmedia does not claim nor accept the responsibility of privacy policy, practices, or procedures of other websites. Please check the other website privacy policy carefully and make the right decision while using third-party links.


The Chprmedia website contains many things such as content, graphics, database, software, design of websites, audio, video, photographs, source (collection of all content ) and also trademarks, service marks, Design marks, logo marks are licensed by providing organizations.

Using other materials on this site, We may get permission from that particular organization or copyright holder user have to provide this information. Materials used by permission will not be modified or may not be used for commercial purposes or the copyright will not be transferred to another person.

All design and source files created while you are enrolled with us are yours to keep and own. You must provide our designers with sufficient content and instructions to complete the work. You are 100% responsible for all materials submitted to us to create designs for you. Even in the completed design that we submit to you, we are not liable for any infringement on intellectual property rights.

We provide only design mockups as per your requirements and content. rework on a particular project is done in the case of copyright ( your content, reference, trademark, or others) design issues.

Releasing Completed Work

We hold ourselves to a high standard of delivery and would never intentionally submit final design mockup files with errors to you. However in a rare event that you do receive a file with errors, please notify us promptly and we will do our best to quickly make the revisions and re-submit them to you. Weis not liable for any loss of business or loss of revenue or damage trademark incurred from errors in our design files. Please make sure you check the design mockups, content before ordering a print or finalizing it for marketing.

You may submit as many design requests. Our team will work on one design at a time for you including revisions. For us to move onto the next project, your current project must be fully completed and approved before we can move onto the next project. You can also Pause or Cancel a project if you no longer wish for that project to be completed. Pausing or Canceling a project will instantly stop its production and allow our team to move onto the next project in line.

Third-Party Fonts, Images, Theme, Mockups

Any project incorporates fonts, Images, Theme, Mockups that are not owned and require a commercial license for the Client to legally reproduce, distribute, or publicly display the Project (“Third-Party Font(s)” Images, Theme, Mockups), We will inform Client in writing that one or more Third-Party elements have been incorporated into the Project and that Client will need to purchase one or more licenses for the Third-Party elements from the rights-holder(s) or websites of said. Third-Party elements to legally reproduce, distribute, or publicly display the Project. Said notice will include information sufficient for the Client to identify which licenses are required and who to contact to purchase said licenses.

Update (Changes) the terms and policy

From time to time we develop our material & our platform or website will update our terms and conditions and privacy policy. Reading all terms and conditions and privacy, a user confirms to agree to read and understand all up-to-date terms and policy. A date will be mentioned to update the privacy policy and terms and conditions. We are not in obligation to provide you update notice or any other notice through any communication. Regular and continued access to our platform and materials gives consent or agreement for changes.


Chprmedia incorporated is committing to all their users and visitors that they will keep secure, private, and confidential their all data and personal information which is collected by the website or through services of user and visitors. This privacy is created to ensure our affiliated with Chprmedia of their commitment and who released their obligations to meet the existing policy and to exceed the standard policy. So this privacy policy agreement is applied by Chprmedia and governs all data collection and its use by the use of the Chprmedia website. You here are consenting to all the process and procedure of the following data which is expressed in the agreement.

Collection of information

The website collects much information while purchasing the product or services and delivering the product and services. The information includes name, address, email address, etc. Visitor's information is automatically collected by visiting our website, as it may include cookies, third-party tracking technology, or server logs. Our website collects personal information knowingly and willingly provided by "user" or "client".

We are the Chprmedia suggest that, please go through the privacy policy and the statement of the website, going to use frequently, and understand how the website work, or make use of collected information.

Use of information collected

Chprmedia may collect personal information, to assist the operation of our website. Information used while delivering the service or product which is needed or requested, also used to contact you, We do not release or sell our customer's list or their names to another party, not now nor in the future.

Chprmedia may feel it necessary to contact on behalf of another business external partner, for informing potential offer that may interest. Accepting the first offer than that intends us the interest, so we may contact with further offers. So at that, time information such as name, email address, and telephone number may be shared with a third party.

We may consider it necessary to follow the website and the pages which are reflected by our "visitors" "user" "client", so that to know what type of products and services attract by them Remain in conformance with any decrees, laws and/or statutes or to comply with any process which may be served upon Chprmedia.com or our website. To maintain, safeguard and reserve all the rights and property of Chprmedia.

How to contact

Have any doubts or queries concerns related to the privacy policy agreement and terms and condition or relate to our website, please feel free to contact us through email or telephone.


Phone number: +91 9066717766